Andrew Chen's favorite books

  • Wild Swans

    Wild Swans

    Jung Chang
    Three Daughters of China

    Few books have had such an impact as Wild Swans: a popular bestseller which has sold more than 13 million copies and a critically acclaimed history of China; a tragic tale of nightmarish cruelty and an uplifting story of bravery and survival. Through the story of three generations of women in her own family - the grandmother given to the warlord as a concubine, the Communist mother and the daughter herself - Jung Chang reveals the epic history of China's twentieth century. Breathtaking in its scope, unforgettable in its descriptions, this is a masterpiece which is extraordinary in every way.

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    incredibly important and formative. Must read.

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  • Dune


    Frank Herbert

    Follows the adventures of Paul Atreides, the son of a betrayed duke given up for dead on a treacherous desert planet and adopted by its fierce, nomadic people, who help him unravel his most unexpected destiny.

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    amazing book!

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  • The Master Switch

    The Master Switch

    Tim Wu
    The Rise and Fall of Information Empires
    Business & Economics

    A history of the rise and fall of the twentieth century's leading information empires traces how Hollywood, the broadcast networks, and AT&T introduced new mediums that were eventually centralized in ways that shaped America's communications practices.

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    Really enjoying The Master Switch....Add it to your list!

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